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Top 5 Solar Gadgets: Solar Powered Tweeting and More!

January 16, 2020

There are many ways to introduce solar into your life. From a photovoltaic array to a solar powered charger for your phone, harnessing the sun’s power and relying on renewable energy is a positive change for both you and the larger community.

In our technologically evolving society, electronic devices have become indispensable to many people—including myself. I read the news on my laptop, check up on social media through my tablet, and text my family on my cell phone. I constantly use electronics and I know I am not alone.

Over the past couple years, many companies have been improving the energy efficiency of their electronics. However, the average number of electronic devices per household is said to dramatically increase in the future. Some speculate that by 2017 there will be five electronic devices for every internet user. So in an internet using household of four, there will be about twenty electronic devices using grid tied energy on a daily basis. Even if the individual devices become more energy efficient, the sheer volume is bound to make an impact on the household energy use, electric bill, and environment.

Thankfully, there are many new and innovative gadgets that are combining renewable solar energy and electronic devices.

Here are my Top 5 Solar Gadgets:

1) Solar Powered Phone Charger

Going camping but still want to have a charged cell phone in case of emergency? Lucky for you, there is a variety of solar powered cell phone chargers that can keep you connected even when you want to get away.

2) Solar Powered Speakers

With a battery life of 8 hours, this solar powered speaker system will definitely stay on long enough for you to enjoy some sweet jams and feel good about using renewable energy.

3) Solar Powered Camcorder

Now there are even camcorders that run on solar. All of your home videos can be powered by renewable energy and you can capture as much footage as you want without relying on the power of dirty fossil fuels.

4) Solar Powered Race Car

For a child in your life, or your inner child—who doesn’t love to race toy cars?

Especially when the sun charges the batteries!

5) Solar Powered Lights

Recently here at Sunsense, we were lucky enough to acquire an adorable solar powered light that we affectionately named “Bunny”. Bunny charges her battery from the sun with a small solar panel , while enjoying the flowers in our little garden patch – she is a great multi-tasker.

As our dependence on technology and multiple electronic devices increases in the future, it is imperative that we collectively seek out renewable ways to produce electricity in order to combat the lasting negative effects on our environment, our health and our wallets.

Kelsey Gibb, Admin Assistant and Rebate Specialist

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