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Sunsense Spotlight: Doni Nicoll, Designer and Logistics Extraordinaire!

January 21, 2020

To start off our new Sunsense Spotlight blog series, I decided to highlight our residential solar PV designer/logistics specialist/all ’round nice guy, Doni Nicoll. Whether you need a design for your new PV system or have to schedule an installation–Doni is your man. With close to 10 years of experience in the industry, Doni brings a wealth of solar knowledge to the Sunsense Team…as well as much needed mid afternoon snacks.

Here are some of Doni’s experiences and thoughts about the Solar Industry:

Why do you choose to work in the solar industry?

I truly believe in Solar Energy and what it’s applications can do for our future. Not just the near future but the future of my kids and (future) grandkids and their kids as well. The Solar industry is amazing and the people that work in the industry are true stewards of the Earth. Most people in the industry have the same belief as I do in that our ultimate resource is Mother Earth and all She creates. Without the Earth, there is no us or no future. Why not work towards maintaining a clean future for all of us? It’s the right thing to work towards and fight for.

How did you get into solar?

In 2007, I was at a place in my life where I had a choice to keep moving in one of two directions. Both paths lead to careers that would help me in life (both financially and intellectually). I talked to family members (specifically my father-in-law) and after thinking about my future I figured out that the Solar path had at least one more pro that the other did not. A future past my own time here on this planet. At the time of jumping into the solar realm, I started out as a novice installer and eventually worked my way up the career ladder. With support from my family and friends (thank you Cholla, Ed and Kevin), I kept working towards my personal goals in this field. Today, I still feel like I’m on track to obtaining new goals and climbing that career ladder.

What has been the most satisfying aspect of your job?

Knowing that I “practice what I preach” so-to-speak. I like interacting with people on a human level and for some reason, people love to talk about energy. For example, when we install a system for a client who has been waiting years to watch the meter spin backwards and we help them achieve that goal. It’s great to see the smile on their faces. Goal Accomplished!

What has been challenging?

The ever changing rules and regulations with utilities and AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Most of these rules are to be expected with technology growth and advancements in power production and safety, however keeping track of who requires what and not having a national standard seems to be a hurdle that is difficult (not impossible) to overcome and implement.

How do you see the future of solar industry?

It’s all green baby! (With a few back-alley throwdowns with Corporate ‘Mercia *see Tucson Electric Power or Arizona Public Service if you want to get angry)

People (in general) are intelligent and most do pay attention to what’s happening in the World and also what we are doing to our Earth. We are finally at a place in time where you can’t ignore things like Global Warming, Extreme Climate Changes and Government Resource Allocation / Acquirement.[/one_half_last] People are taking a stand because they know as humans on this Earth that all these things are happening and damaging. They don’t like it because with media and what it is today, we hear all and see all. People want to see a future that is sustainable and clean which it currently is not.

If you weren’t working in the solar industry, what would you be doing?

Ahhh…the other path.

I would have cut my hair, joined the Coast Guard, worked my way to Captain or even Admiral and worked until retiring at 50. I still like to think that I chose the right path for a conscientious objector (pacifist) but I do miss the ocean.

Look out for more Sunsense Spotlights to come! In the meantime, if you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint and saving money on your electric bill, make sure to contact one of our residential or commercial solar consultants at (970) 963-1420.

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