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Solar for Mountain Rescue Aspen

January 16, 2020

Here at Sunsense we are all very proud of our involvement with the building of a new facility for Mountain Rescue Aspen.

Mountain Rescue Aspen is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through back country rescue and mountain safety education.

Unlike other emergency response agencies such as Police or Ambulance, or even Volunteer Fire, there is no tax base or public budget for Mountain Rescue. They are 100% unpaid volunteers who raise the funding they need each year through the solicitation of public donations and applications for local and state grants.

Sunsense were able to provide low cost solar equipment, and volunteered the design time and labor, to complete a 15.7 kW photovoltaic system . The system will not only prevent approximately 48,000 lbs of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year, but will also provide free energy for the facility, reducing the expense of the electric utility bill.