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The Service Department is available to inspect, diagnose, and repair any problems you may have with your solar electric system.
Our service department is available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Reactive Service

PV system maintenance is a critical part of ensuring your investment is safely performing at its maximum energy potential. The Sunsense Service Department offers a certified, experienced staff to handle everything from routine system maintenance to troubleshooting and repair. Our trained and knowledgeable team specializes in utility, commercial, residential, and battery-based system operations.

Reactive Services Offered:

  • System performance check-ups
  • Troubleshooting
  • Production optimization
  • Equipment upgrades and system expansion
  • Inverter and module replacement
  • Data monitoring system repair and installation
  • Assessment of warranty coverage

Things to look out for:

  • An unusually high electric bill
  • An error message on your inverter
  • A module that is under producing on your monitoring system
  • Damaged equipment, loose conduit, or wiring

Warranty Claims:

Sunsense will assess equipment warranties, interface with equipment manufacturers, and facilitate any paperwork associated with warranty claims.

Preventative Maintenance

Having been in business since 1990, Sunsense understands the full life cycle of solar electric systems. Our trained professionals can anticipate potential risks and safeguard your system against them. Especially when you invest in a commercial or utility scale solar electric system, you want to guarantee that it will continually produce at an optimal level and meet your ROI (Return On Investment) targets. The Sunsense Service Department can offer custom plans to meet your unique needs.

Preventative Maintenance Services Offered:

  • Comprehensive status report
  • Visual physical inspection
  • Inverter level performance testing
  • Combiner box level performance testing (DC operating current)
  • String level performance testing (DC operating current)
  • Thermal imaging-electrical equipment
  • Thermal imaging-modules
  • I-V curve tracing
  • Regular monitoring check-up
  • Discounted unscheduled maintenance
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