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The cost of owning a system has never been cheaper.

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Imagine if you could have locked in a price for gas at the pump 20 years ago. Would you have done it?

Purchase a system or consider a solar loan: Utility rates continue to rise, but solar homeowners are locking in low monthly payments on their solar loan or enjoying free energy from a system they own outright. By investing in a system today, you can ensure a steady supply of clean energy for years to come. With local cash incentives and federal tax credits available, the cost for owning a system has never been more affordable.

Concerned about the upfront cost? You can take advantage of utility and local cash rebates along with a 22% tax credit (currently scheduled to drop to 0% in 2022) to bring down the upfront cost. And if you want, you can utilize one of our solar loan products to help with the rest. Meanwhile, the solar on your roof is generating the energy you need to power your home, worry and risk free.


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