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Safe, Reliable, and Clean Energy

Our systems come with online monitoring and comprehensive warranties.

Solar electric systems are safe, quiet and relatively maintenance-free. In fact, every Sunsense installed system comes with comprehensive equipment and installation warranties, giving you peace of mind and ensuring long term performance and savings.

Solar is designed to be safe and to produce trouble-free clean energy for many years to come. Electric code compliance ensures safe operation while quality equipment and attention to detail during design and installation guarantees long term system performance.

Every system comes with online monitoring, allowing you to check in to confirm performance day or night. With detailed monitoring capabilities, you can be sure your system is operating as expected.

In addition to utility savings, solar produces clean renewable energy day in and day out, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and increasing your energy independence. With even a relatively small 4 kW system producing 6000 kWh per year, 2.7 metric tons of CO2 would be offset with that solar each year. That’s the equivalent of 300 gallons of gasoline each year or planting over 11,000 trees over the life of the system’s operation.

Solar: Good for your wallet, your peace of mind, and the environment.