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Hochradel Residence

Battery Storage

Turning the clock back to 1990, the Hochradel Residence in the old mining town of Irwin, Colorado (elev. 10,000ft) was one of the very first projects for Sunsense. Being off grid and 30 years old, the system has seen a few changes. The back-up generator is long gone and an expanded pole mounted array now feeds an upgraded battery bank. What hasn’t change (yet) is the DC-to-AC inverter… still going strong. With access by snowmobile (or skis) in the Winter, this system continues to deliver clean, renewable, solar power!

System Notes

  • System Size: 1kW
  • PV Modules: Solarex and BP Solar
  • Inverter: Trace Engineering
  • Mounting System: Direct Power
  • Storage: Surrette
  • Location: Lake Irwin, Colorado

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