Garfield County Airport Solar Array

Categories: Utility

The Garfield County Airport Solar Array (GCASA) project is an 1.684MW community solar array commissioned in 2011. Sunsense designed and built the project in partnership with the Clean Energy Collective, also based in Carbondale. Equally integral to the project was Holy Cross Energy (HCE), the local cooperative utility. After completing this first phase, Sunsense was approached about the possibility of expanding the site. The size of the expansion, fixed at 826 kW, required developing two sites. The solution was to straddle the original array by splitting the new array into Site A (599.4 kW) to the west and Site B (226.8 kW) to the east. This approach proved challenging on several levels but was completed on time and within budget.

GCASA Phase 1

  • System Size: 858kW
  • PV Modules: Hanwha
  • Inverters: Advanced Energy
  • Mounting System: Solar FlexRack
  • Location: Rifle, Colorado

GCASA Phase 2

  • Total System Size: 826kW
  • PV Modules: First Solar
  • Inverters: Fronius
  • Mounting System: TerraSmart
  • Location: Rifle, Colorado