Basalt Vista Housing Partnership

Categories: Community

The Basalt Vista Housing Partnership is a collaboration between Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork, Holy Cross Energy (local cooperative utility), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Sunsense with the goal of providing affordable housing to teachers and other workforce families within a framework of solar electric power generation and battery storage.

In the first four homes, Holy Cross Energy will conduct a study hoping to prove how adjusting energy levels provided by solar arrays and battery storage, designed and built by Sunsense, can be more cost-effective than modifying energy production at a centralized power plant.

The build out will include twelve (12) structures and twenty-seven (27) units, all net zero energy consumers.

Project Notes

  • Project Total: 126kW
  • PV Modules: LG 395
  • Inverters: SMA / Solar Edge
  • Mounting System: Iron Ridge
  • Storage: Blue Ion
  • Location: Basalt, Colorado