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Nepal Earthquake: Solar and Disaster Relief

January 21, 2020

On Saturday April 25th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and caused widespread devastation. Since then, the death toll has been rising as aftershocks and disease start to ravage the inaccessible countryside and the capital region of Kathmandu. With thousands of people either homeless or too afraid to venture back into their structurally unsound dwellings, desperation is growing. Many nonprofits and governmental organizations have already begun to shower Nepal with foreign aid. Unfortunately, due to the remote nature of the Nepalese landscape and government roadblocks, much of the relief efforts have not been able to meet the needs of those affected by the earthquake.

A few American organizations have started to focus on solar power as a way to contribute to the disaster relief in a meaningful way in order to positively impact as many people as possible. HANDS (Humanitarian Aid in Nepal Developing Schools) has made a commitment to bring light back to Nepal—where it has not been accessible since before the earthquake. HANDS is dedicated to supplying the affected areas of Nepal with one thousand solar powered lights.

Another nonprofit organization, SunFarmer, is also using solar energy in order to help the people of Nepal. SunFarmer—a partner with SunEdison—provides high quality photovoltaic systems and affordable financing options.  

Photo: UK Department for International Development,UK Search and rescue teams reach Chautara, Nepal via Flickr

Having an office in Kathmandu prior to the earthquake, this organization has been on the front lines of this disaster since the beginning. Because of their ground level understanding of the needs of those impacted by the natural disaster, they were able to decipher that solar water purification systems were greatly needed. They are currently working on getting these solar electric powered systems available to the masses.

We are experiencing natural disasters at a higher rate than ever before. Solar technology can be a life saver during one of these events. Having solar for your home or solar for your business would allow you to charge your phone to call loved ones or keep necessary medical equipment functioning when you would otherwise be out of power. As equipment pricing continues to decrease, battery based PV systems will hopefully become more common place in the future to help disaster areas. If you are interested in getting a battery back-up system for your home or business, call one of our Solar Consultants at (970) 963-1420.

Feature Image: Domenlco, Nepal Earthquake via Flickr


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