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Green Transportation

January 27, 2020

Transportation is a necessity in our world; however, transportation is also one of the largest contributors to air pollution and climate change. Luckily, modern scientists and engineers are constantly inventing new and innovative ways to keep you mobile without harming the planet. So we decided to explore some environmentally conscious ways you can commute to work and satisfy your travel bug.

First of all, how could we not start with bikes! Living in the Roaring Fork Valley, we are lucky that our local government created the Rio Grande Trail system for us to take advantage of. Whether it’s on-road bikes and cruisers during the summer or a fat bike during the winter, this trail system allows members of our community to safely and efficiently commute while improving their health and cutting back on CO2 emissions.

Another mode of green transportation that has taken off recently is the electric vehicle. These cars don’t emit CO2 while driving which helps lessen air pollution. However—and this is a BIG however—in order for an electric vehicle to really be considered green, you must charge it using renewable energy, like solar. If you are using energy from a carbon-based source to charge your EV, it defeats the purpose.

So make sure when you invest in one of these high tech cars to also consider getting solar for your home or solar for your business.

Finally, green technology has also made its way into the sky! The first-ever solar-powered plane completed its maiden voyage around the world in July 2016. Although we are a ways off from commercial flights being powered by the sun, this was a huge step in the right direction. To put this in perspective, there were only 66 years between the Wright Brother’s first flight and when humans walked on the moon. Just imagine what this flight could mean for the future of clean energy-powered aviation in the coming decades!

Once you get your new, affordable Electric Vehicle for your home or an EV charging station for your business, contact one of Sunsense’s consultants at (970) 963-1420 to chat about getting solar so you can help lessen your dependence on fossil fuels.

If you already have a solar photovoltaic system and you want to make sure you are getting the optimal performance from your equipment, call our Service Department at (970) 963-1420 or email

Finally, if you know of anyone who you think would like to get solar, fill out our referral form. If the referral leads to a signed contract, you will receive $250! It pays to go solar!

Kelsey Gibb
Marketing Associate