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Green Mission: Pope Francis and his Environmental Encyclical

January 21, 2020

With Easter coming up this Sunday, it is important to note the strides the current Pope is taking towards helping acknowledge and reverse Climate Change. Currently, Pope Francis is writing an Encyclical—a papal document sent to all Catholic Bishops—which will reportedly say not only that Climate Change is real but that the Catholic community should start taking action.

He will most likely make this document public before the upcoming United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris this fall. Releasing this papal letter will probably upset some within the religion, especially those Americans who have been climate deniers. It should be interesting to follow the reaction in coming months.

[one_half]It really is no surprise that Pope Francis is taking such a stand on this global environmental issue. Traditionally, combatting poverty has been a pillar within the Catholic community. The connection between Climate Change and worldwide poverty has been made very apparent. Climate Change is scientifically shown to increase the rate and severity of natural disasters. These instances have caused famine and disease due to droughts and floods—and this trend will only continue. Many times, it is the poorest populations that feel the devastating effects of Climate Change the most. By working towards combating Climate Change, the Catholic Church stays true to their mission to help the poor. [/one_half]

Clearly, being stewards for the Earth is not exclusively a Catholic or even Christian conviction. Protecting our environment is a cause that transcends our religious, political, and even national differences. We can all make a positive impact in our own way in order to stop Climate Change from irreversibly damaging our planet and all of the people who live here.

What is important is that everyone comes together as a community to make conscious decisions in order to lessen their carbon footprints. It is easy to start with something simple like remembering to recycle or turning off lights when you leave a room. Or you could consider larger changes like buying an electric car or even getting solar for your home or solar for your business. Here at Sunsense, we do what we can to incorporate sustainable practices into our daily office routines. It may not always be easy, but we have to remember that our actions don’t only impact us; they have a ripple effect across the globe. And Pope Francis drawing attention to this fact with his Encyclical will only increase support for sustainable initiatives in order to reverse Climate Change and all of its harmful consequences.


Kelsey Gibb
Administrative Assistant and Rebate Specialist