Residential Solar

Top 5 reasons to go solar with Sunsense

Produce Your Own Power

Why rent your electricity from the utility when you can own it with a solar electric system? By going solar, the power is in your hands. How it Works

Save Money

Purchasing or financing a solar electric system will reduce your electricity costs and save you money for years to come. Imagine if you could have locked in a price for gas at the pump 20 years ago, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. Would you have done it? Tell me more

Financing Solutions

Solar is a sound investment which gives an excellent return over time. If you are thinking of applying for a loan, Sunsense is available to guide you towards the best solar financing solutions to fit your needs. We Can Help

Experience and Expertise

Sunsense has been installing systems for 30 years and has an enviable reputation as the premier solar installation company on Colorado’s Western Slope. Whether it be a small townhome, a three-bedroom house, or a mountain villa, Sunsense has the experience and ability to install any system, no matter the size or complexity. Sunsense quality

Safe, Reliable, and Clean Energy

Solar electric systems are safe, quiet and relatively maintenance free. In fact, every Sunsense installed system comes with comprehensive equipment and installation warranties, giving you peace of mind and ensuring long term performance and savings. Learn More
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