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Empowerment through Politics: Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Fight for Sustainability

January 17, 2020

As we all know, due to special interest groups, our current Congress is not exactly keen on passing green bills—despite the fact that the majority of Americans clearly support renewable energy and other sustainable initiatives. This is why one trail blazing non-profit, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, is taking a stand to support their Carbon Fee & Dividend Bill.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) empowers people across the globe by training them how to effectively communicate with their representatives about climate change concerns. Eight years in, with over 200 chapters in 16 countries, this bipartisan grassroots organization is making great strides for sustainability within the political arena.

Currently, our local Roaring Fork Valley chapter is working on raising awareness around the bipartisan CCL Carbon Fee & Dividend Bill. The goal of this bill is to “internalize the social cost of carbon-based fuels, rapidly achieve large emission reductions, stimulate the economy & recruit global participation” via. If enacted by Congress, this policy would place a price on carbon and require industries to pay fees on any carbon produced by their activities. The revenue would be collected by the government and redistributed equally to every American household providing much needed economic stimulus. To prevent carbon-based fuel companies from moving their operations overseas, the bill includes a clause to tax products when entering the United States.

So to sum up: less Co2, more renewable energy, and a check mailed to your house—not too shabby, eh?

However, it may be a challenge to get our representatives—Sen. Cory Gardner and Rep. Scott Tipton—on board. That is why this Friday CCL will be hosting a meeting to discuss the Carbon Fee & Dividend Bill with staff from both the Gardener and Tipton camps. In addition, other sustainability experts/advocates will be attending the meeting to give experienced opinions on the need to prioritize renewable energy and sustainability in Congress. Some of the speakers include:

  • Auden Schendler—VP of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company
  • Dave Reed—Executive Director of Western Colorado Congress and CCL Chapter Co-Leader
  • Scott Ely—Sunsense Founder and President (not to mention our very own fearless leader and all ‘round good guy!)

It is no secret that Tipton and Gardner are both supported by the oil and natural gas industries and don’t necessarily have great track records with sustainability. But this could be a wonderful opportunity for our representatives to come on board with this bipartisan bill to help stimulate our local economy through cutting carbon and supporting renewable energy!

The Solar Industry is creating American jobs faster than almost any other industry in the country. On top of that, most solar companies are small local businesses. By promoting this bill, Tipton and Gardner would be supporting their constituents, the Colorado economy, and our environment.Needless to say, it is exciting and reassuring to see sustainability activists in our local area come together with the help of Citizens’ Climate Lobby to make strides towards slowing down climate change through congressional legislation. The Carbon Fee & Dividend Bill seems to be a feasible policy that has the potential to really make an impact on America’s contribution to climate change! Bills like this help protect our jobs, protect our environment, and protect our future—so let’s make it happen!

If you want to make steps to reduce your own Carbon footprint and combat climate change, talk to a Sunsense Consultant about going Solar at (970) 963-1420.

Kelsey Gibb

Administrative Assistant and Rebate Specialist