• The State of Solar: Solar Policies in Florida, Vermont, and Colorado

    Within the last few years, many states in the country have stepped up their commitment to supporting solar through incentives, mandates, and energy goals. However, each state has taken their… read on

  • Shining Light on the Financial Side of Going Solar

    With solar becoming an increasingly popular energy alternative, more Americans may be asking themselves is going solar a good financial choice for me? In short, YES, going solar is a worthwhile and feasible investment for many reasons! read on
  • Microgrids: A Solar Solution to National Security Threats

    Cyber hackers try to attack American infrastructure systems- such as our energy grid-on a consistent basis. The potential outcome could be problematic if not devastating. Some even refer a successful take down of our grid as a “Cyber Pearl Harbor”. read on
  • Solar and the Investment Tax Credit

    Over the past few months, Coloradans-and Americans in general-have been inundated with political advertisements that finally culminated with midterm elections. No matter your political affiliation, it is obvious that the legislators we elect into office and the policies they create impact us all. read on
  • Commercial Solar Storage

    By far, one of the most noticeable new products offered at this year’s Solar Power International was the plethora of Commercial Storage options. Solar Storage is a relatively new hybrid of both grid tie and battery based systems. Historically, the Solar Industry started with off-grid, battery-based systems that granted customers autonomy from big electric utilities. read on
  • Winter is Coming: How to Prepare your Solar PV System for the Winter.

    This week we saw the first snowfall of the year on top of Mount Sopris. And with the chill in the air, one thing is abundantly clear: winter is coming. read on
  • Join the Race to Educate Students about Solar Energy

    As Fall approaches and the kids get used to being back in school, there are more opportunities than ever to learn about renewable energy in a classroom setting. Students in Carbondale, as well as across the country, now have access to an incredible program called Solar Rollers. read on
  • Top 5 Solar Gadgets: Solar Powered Tweeting and More!

    There are many ways to introduce solar into your life. From a photovoltaic array to a solar powered charger for your phone, harnessing the sun’s power and relying on renewable energy is a positive change for both you and the larger community. read on
  • Sunsense Listed as a 2014 Top Solar Contractor

    Solar Power World released the much anticipated 2014 Top Solar Contractors list this week and we are proud to report that, for the third year running, Sunsense Solar made the grade. read on
  • Do I need Batteries with my Solar PV System?

    The vast majority of residential solar electric installations happen in locations where the utility grid is readily accessible and no battery storage is required. However, more and more grid connected homeowners are considering a battery back up option for their Photovoltaic (PV) system. read on
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