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Jeff Lauckhart: Commercial PV Designer and Environmental Enthusiast

Jeff Lauckhart, a pillar here at Sunsense Solar, joined the team over a decade ago. Starry-eyed and eager to get his hands on some solar, Jeff quickly found his groove within the company and eventually became part of the commercial squad and head of the design department.

Rafting on the Roaring Fork: A Team Building Adventure

Every now and then the Sunsense team enjoys getting out of the office to strengthen our professional bond. This past Friday we had the chance to go on a company float trip down the Roaring Fork River.

Sunsense Spotlight: Tyler Sweeney, Energy Expert

Last year,  Sunsense Solar was lucky enough to have Tyler Sweeney join the team as a Residential Solar Consultant. Tyler brought with him a passion for sustainability and extensive knowledge of energy efficiency.

Amicus Solar Cooperative Blog: Solar Policies Across America

The solar industry is still at a stage where it relies on local, state, and federal policies. Depending on where you are located across the country, the acceptance and support of solar energy on a legislative level varies drastically.

Earth Day 2016: Celebrating Andy Lietz

This past Friday, the Sunsense Team was fortunate enough to participate in our 14th Habitat for Humanity Earth Day installation for the Dory family of Basalt, CO.

Sunsense Spotlight: “Jes” of All Trades

Now that the holidays are over and we have brought in the New Year, it’s time for the first Sunsense Spotlight blog of 2016!!

Solar 2016 – Trends and New Opportunities

With the close of 2015 and the unexpected extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, US Solar companies can now look toward 2016 with a stable marketplace within which to operate.

Small Businesses Benefit from Financing Solar Projects

Sunsense Solar is a member of Amicus, a cooperative of the finest independent solar companies across the United States.

Sunsense Spotlight: Courtney Kunkleman, Solar Installer and All Around Badass

This past summer, Courtney Kunkleman moved to Carbondale, CO and was later hired onto Sunsense’s Operations Crew. While learning the ropes of solar PV installation, she quickly became an indispensable part of the team.

Sunsense Spotlight: Steven Haines, Off Grid Guru and Solar Maven

In our second installment of the Sunsense Spotlight Blog series, we are going to highlight Steven Haines. Steve is our Off Grid Solar Consultant, Residential Solar Sales Manager, and Purchasing Manager…needless to say, this guy is pretty busy.