• Community Driven Solar: The Solarize Story

    Taitem was new to Solarize programs before last year. For those that don’t know about these community based campaigns, a Solarize program is a locally focused initiative intended to educate homeowners and businesses about the benefits of solar energy while bringing in qualified solar companies to provide design and installation services below market rates. read on
  • Sunsense Recognized as a Top Solar Contractor in Colorado and Nationwide

    Coming off the biggest year ever for U.S. solar installations, local installer Sunsense Solar is proud to be named one of the top solar contractors in the United States by Solar Power World magazine. read on
  • Taking Action on Climate in the Era of Trump

    The impact of Climate Change on our environment is ever present. Recently, a trillion-ton piece of ice roughly the size of Delaware broke off of Antarctica. read on
  • Green Transportation

    Transportation is a necessity in our world; however transportation is also one of the largest contributors to air pollution and climate change. Luckily, modern scientists and engineers are constantly inventing new and innovative ways to keep you mobile without harming the planet. read on
  • Sunsense Spotlight: Tyler Sweeney, Energy Expert

    Last year,  Sunsense Solar was lucky enough to have Tyler Sweeney join the team as a Residential Solar Consultant. Tyler brought with him a passion for sustainability and extensive knowledge of energy efficiency. read on
  • Amicus Solar Cooperative Blog: Solar Policies Across America

    The solar industry is still at a stage where it relies on local, state, and federal policies. Depending on where you are located across the country, the acceptance and support of solar energy on a legislative level varies drastically. read on
  • Solar 2016 – Trends and New Opportunities

    With the close of 2015 and the unexpected extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, US Solar companies can now look toward 2016 with a stable marketplace within which to operate. read on
  • Empowering Students with Solar Schools

    Sunsense Solar is a member of Amicus Solar Cooperative, a group of PV integrators and EPCs who work together to lower costs, improve operational efficiencies and share best practices. Over the next few months we will be featuring stories on various topics that include perspectives from some of our fellow Amicus members. read on
  • Then & Now: Sunsense’s 25th Anniversary!

    It may be hard to believe, but this past weekend Sunsense Solar celebrated its 25th Anniversary! Going solar has gained a lot of popularity and momentum in recent years, and solar is a rapidly growing industry. However, the technology has been around for decades–as has Sunsense. read on
  • Nepal Earthquake: Solar and Disaster Relief

    On Saturday April 25th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and caused widespread devastation. Since then, the death toll has been rising as aftershocks and disease start to ravage the inaccessible countryside and the capital region of Kathmandu. read on
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